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Ageing Oven Thermoplastic and electrometric substances when exposed to heat undergo many types of physical and chemical changes. The extent and type of change that takes place depends upon the severity of exposure of the sample to heat (Item. range), duration and rate airflow. Each cell of Thermal Ageing Oven is a complete instrument in itself i.e., fitted with individual temp. Indicating Controller, Air Flow Meter, Air temperature controller and an Hour Meter This enables the user to test different type of samples at desired temperature and duration, depending upon test requirement of endusers & testing authorities. The thermal Ageing Oven instrument consists of the following: A double welled chamber with inside chamber of aluminum pipe, Size of the chamber is 100 mm dia. X 300 mm height. Bend type heater for the chamber. Digital temp.Indicating Controller with sensor. Temp. range : Ambient To 200+oc. Rota-meter for controlling the volume of air passing through the chamber. Air inlet nozzle for the airline or air compressor Specially designed split top cover to hold three to five test samples in each chamber Hour Meter to record total time of the test.
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