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Mechanical Extensometer for testing of Couplers. Couplers which are used in building materials. we have developed latest high precision extensiometer for TMT Bar couplers. Range:- 0 - 600mm Accuracy: 0.01mm and 0.001mm Gauge length: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm Diameter of TMT bar can be tested: 12.5mm to 40mm I
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Description FS -275 Max container Size 310 x 200 MM Cast Heating Mould Single Side Cutting With Peel -Off Edge Cushioned support In Base Ideal For Dry foods and Sweets Capacity 200 - 250 Pack/HR
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Description Fs - 200 Max container size 200 x 150 MM Cast heating mould Single side Cutting With Peel - off edge Cushioned Support in base mould for sealing edge Ideal For dry Foods & sweets Capacity 300 - 400 Packs/ HR
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Description FS - 150 Max, Container Size 150 x 150 MM Cast Heating Mould Single/All Side Cutting With Peel -Off Edge/ Notch Cushioned Support in Base Mould For Drinks & Food Portions Capacity 300 - 400 Packs/ HR
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Description FS -300 Max Container Size 300 x 235 MM Sandwiched Element Heating Mould Cam Based Operation To Get Required seal Pressure Cushioned support in Base Mould For sealing Suefade Ideal For Ready Meals Capacity 150-200 Packs/HR